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Advertise with 4 Hat LLC sites for a great value on your advertising dollars. We do fixed pricing for all ads based on the traffic of the website on either a monthly or annual basis. Monthly fees are adjusted monthly based on the current traffic by increments of 500. Annual fees are fixed at the beginning traffic rate regardless of growth over the course of the year and are discounted to 10 months. The basic formula is the monthly traffic divided by 10, so a site with 10,000 visitors a month will cost $100 USD per month. Please contact us for more details.

Cost BasisMonthly traffic/10 rounded up to the nearest 500Monthly traffic/10 by increments of 500
PriceAdjusted monthlyFixed
TermStop any time, Ad will run until month endRuns until the end of the term year – no partial year refunds
DiscountNone2 months free
Minimum Charge$5 USD$50 USD* *includes discount
Billing MethodsPaypal, Venmo, StripePaypal, Venmo, Stripe