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4 Hat LLC

About Us

We are many things: Veteran-owned (US Army 77-80), Minority-owned (Mexican -American and Argentine), Faith Driven (All things for Christ), and International too.  We believe in giving back through Iris Global and their work around the world.  We believe in trying new things and are always working to get better.

4 Hat LLC

Veteran Owned


We are all about relationships, from our friends and neighbors to people we have not met yet on the other side of the world.  It is our belief that all people want to love and be loved.  They want to have purpose and meaning.  So from our base in the US to orphans in Africa, we will do our best to help facilitate opportunities for connections with family, friends, community, and God.

4 Hat LLC
4 Hat LLC

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My Military Tee
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Our Products

These are but a few of the literally hundreds of products you can buy on one of our stores.  Don’t forget to leave a review if you buy something and help us share that we have “good stuff” and that 10% of each purchase goes to charity. 

Barbershop Haircuts

eCommerce and News Sites

Our Sites


Shop Fashion Designs

Our first venture is geared to the fashion needs of the 18 to 30ish fashionista.

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My Military Tees

Honoring veterans that served in the Air Defense Artillery starting with the Nike Hercules weapons systems.

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Barbershop Haircuts

One of our newest sites that cater to folks that love old-time barbershops.  We offer a full line of hair products for men.


Keto Blitz

Keto Blitz brings together recipes, information and tools to help you on your Keto journey

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The Great Book Shop

The Great Book Shop provides downloadable books at discount prices.  You can find many classics for free too.  Ebooks are in pdf format for almost any reading device.


Power Yachts

We like to dream a little too.  But in the meantime, until we can own a yacht, we provide news to those that can enjoy that lifestyle.


Pow Wow HQ

We wanted to honor our native neighbors by bringing together news from many fist nations.


Daddy’s Heart

This is dedicated to our dream of having a ministry totally supported by a web site.


Mode Gamer

Reviews, tips and the latest eSport news is what Mode Gamer is doing, meeting the needs of gamers worldwide, not to mention my teenaged son.  😎

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Altcoin Central

We actually retired this site due to the amount of spam we received.  However, new technology and a new focus prompted us to give it another try.  Keep your eye on this one while we put it through its paces.

Christian Genealogy PNG 01 1

Christian Genealogy

With a focus on Irish and Mexican genealogy, the site brings together the latest news brought to you by a Christian genealogist.


Bay Fashions USA

Bay Fashions was a victim of Covid-19.  We were importing fashions from Argentina and then Covid pretty much cut off our ability to ship products.  Not sure if we will relaunch or not.  Domain is for sale if you’re interested.

Jet Aircraft.comJet Aircraft

Building on our success with meeting the needs of our readers about topics we love, we are able to utilize different ad models to help support the work.

101 1wht

101 Veterans

Built for veterans who want to keep up on the latest happenings where they served.  All uniformed services are included.


Disc Golf Fans

Having played disc for years, it seemed appropriate to have a site dedicated to our favorite sport.  We may not be pros (yet) but we sure have fun.


Least Traveled World

We love to travel, but not just what everyone else does.  We prefer to explore the least traveled parts of our world and see what we can learn.

buzzcutsBuzz Cuts

We are forever experimenting and having fun while we run our business.  This is our venture into tapping into Pinterest, Celebrities, and our fascination with the latest styles.

101 Supercars 1WHT

101 Supercars

We love our fast cars but let’s be real, we want something so fast that its almost illegal (at least in the US).


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